The Association develops successful projects and work in cooperation with proven experts in the following fields:



  • Equalizing of the level of education between urban and rural areas on a local, national and international level.
  • We established the utilization of informational technologies into the process of learning, teaching and management of the educational process.
  • We built and continue to create international partnerships in the educational sphere – among schools, educational institutions and local authorities; among students, teachers and parents, media and social partners.
  • We equip high-tech school cabinets and we create learning networks.
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 Business and agriculture:

  • Support to the agricultural producers with the preparation and implementation of projects. In the viticulture and wine producing sector, we prepare application documents and we also manage the implementation and reporting of the projects.
  • We created a wine tourism product with the relevant wine routs.
  • We develop and support the food industry by promoting the exchange of experience and good practices.
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Building of expert partnership networks:

  • State and local authorities, cooperation with the NGO sector, development of public-private partnerships.
  • We are always supporting the improvement of the administrative capacity.
  • We encourage the social dialogue between authorities and vulnerable groups.
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 Technical support:

  • Preparation of project proposals.
  • Financial and technical management of projects.
  • Personal consulting.